Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.

Hats Off to Our Beloved Sister Edna M. Quiambao (OSB) on Her Feast Day

When you know it’s your birthday, you feel a rush of excitement, right? This is exactly what we all felt for our directress’ special day, which is her feast day in the month of
November. The performances went well according to the plan. From junior kinder to sixth grade, they were all equally entertaining to the celebrant. Sister Edna watched everything with glee, and we could all clearly see the gratefulness contained in her heart which brought the glow in her eyes. Then, each grade level showed their unique way of greeting “Happy Feast day Sister Edna, we love you!”. As our school directress, she definitely deserve all of this for what she has done for the school. She is truly one of the people in Holy Family Academy who keeps the school very organized and highly reputable. Yes, indeed, she serves a very important role in our school community and she is also a faithful servant of God. She had also held important positions in the religious congregation of the Benedictine nuns. Her feast day was simultaneously celebrated with our Intramurals 2014. It was difficult for us to plan something, but within a few days, we managed to celebrate a great feast day. This day was no doubt a success. Once again Sister Edna deserved a feast day like this because of her important manpower contribution and other sorts of religious achievements.

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