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Familians Share Books to Pupils of Talimundok Elementary School

The Share a Book event is an activity in which Familians get a chance to share their blessings with others by donating old books to encourage others to read. Luckily, the Familians have been chosen to donate in Talimundok Elementary School at DAU last November 25, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 nn. The said event was indeed a day overwhelmed with fun. Familians are active when it comes to giving donations and other outbound experiences. On this day, Holy Family Academy donated their old books. This was participated by some chosen pupils and school staff. The pupils felt very happy and surprised upon receiving the books. They were told by their teacher that they can choose books of their choice. We felt an overwhelming joy upon seeing the happy and unforgettable smiles on their faces. There were also story telling activities for pupils in the lower levels. The first part of the story telling was done by Miss Joy Bangayan, for the grade I-Rose where all 23 pupils in the class participated. Another story telling was done by the J.A. president and her vice-president.


The second part was done by Mrs. Calara who read a story for grade II- Pearl with 40 pupils.The children were very active especially during the comprehension check where set of questions were answered and they got more excited when they heard that prizes will be given. The prizes and books that they received brought an immeasurable happiness evidently seen from their smiles and on us also. The pupils and teachers of Talimundok Elementary School felt happy with what we have given to them. Once again, our Share a Book was truly a success. Thanks to the Familians who donated their old books.

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