Holy Family Academy envisions a renewing school community that:

- is Christ-centered
- develops human wholeness and
- upholds the common good.

HFA-GS Teachers Attend Seminar-Retreat Sessions

St. Scholastica’s Center of Spirituality , Tagaytay City, August 3, 2015—To nourish the minds and spirits of its roster of teachers, Holy Family- Grade School Department (HFA-GS) provided a three-day retreat integrated with a seminar on Christian and Islamic faiths. Emeritus Abbot Timothy Wright, a renowned promoter of faith unification through the establishment of commonalities instead of differences, was the distinguished speaker and Holy Eucharist celebrant, teachers were made to listen to a topic centering on the four pillars of faith on their first day at St. Scholastica’s Center of Spirituality. After the said session, adoration was held. On the second day, a Holy Mass was celebrated followed by two segments of seminar sessions tackling the roles of Adam, Jesus, and Mary in the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an. The third day was held with lauds, Holy Mass, and a Lectio Divina in three traditions (i.e., Islam, Catholic, and Hebrew) as culminating activities. When asked about how he views the teachers of HFA-GS having had multiple seminar sessions with them, Emeritus Abbot Wright said that “[the HFA-GS Staff] are living testaments that Filipino people are not only academically excellent, but [they]also prove how deep the spirituality of a Filipino Christian is”.

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